Aerospace Testing


In addition to the various types of testing and certification services that we offer for product manufacturers off all types, Duxeslabs also offers various services specifically designed for the Aerospace industry. Duxeslabs’ advanced aerospace testing capabilities have allowed our participation in every major space project since the inception of manned space exploration. Duxeslabs performs research and development, aerospace testing, and systems evaluations on a wide range of aircraft, vehivles, systems, and components. Aerospace testing capabilities include dynamic responce, acoustic intensity, and modal analysis on aircraft structures and systems; evaluation of electronic and hydraulic systems for advanced aircraft and vehicles; severe environment and hazardous flow tests.

In addition to the full range of DO-160 testing requirements we offer various other special services and capabilities.  We conduct FAA and private aircraft industry development and evaluation programs, and lead the industry in aerospace testing associated with satellite engineering. For fuel cells, solar panels, composite antennas, batteries and various mechanical and electronic devices, Duxeslabs can custom engineer chambers and fixtures to conduct a complete range of aerospace testing services.

Duxeslabs Aerospace testing capabilities include: vacuum, space simulation, vibration, shock, acoustic noise, acceleration, bakeout, thermal cycling in drive-in chambers (including photogrammetry and low oxygen capability) and aging, structural, pressure, helium leak, and EMC. Click on the links to the left for more specific information on aerospace testing services such as fuel tank testing, hazardous flow testing, hydraulic and precision cleaning, space simulation, thermal vacuum and lightning testing.