Kids learn with incredible speed when they are curious Take yourself for example, I bet your Kid can operate your I-Phone better than you. But How are you going to make them interested in one of the most important technical platforms in the world #Programming. Here at Robo-L we make programming more and more interesting by combining cutting edge teaching technique VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) with state of the art technology.


We have taken Screens away from the Computers, Replaced the Keyboard with a slate-coin mechanism and simplified Robotics Programming to Just 48 Logical Functions. Robo-L Responses to Light, Sound and Slate coin functions. Just tap in your Program and Watch as it blows your Mind.


Make use of the 48 COINS and play the Biggest Board Game you have ever played, Design a task, Command the Robot using the 48 LF (Logical Functions), sit back and get amazed as it Complies the task. Program it for intruder alert and its your personalized security system, Watch it detect walls, responding to light commands and much More..




We wanted to help kids understand the simple basics of programming at an early age. Robo-L can detect walls, senses rain, responses to touch and Light and much more. There are certain specific functions written in simple plain English on wooden coins (turn lest, if, when etc). These coins when inserted in the slots, provided in the slate board act as a program. The Robot executes the program in real time.